Door covers


They are for Plastic and metal doors in different dimensions and forms.

The device includes an automatic door arranger that guides the doors after arranging them in a particular direction.

The system equips with control of exist the door on canal which stops in case of lack of device's door automatically.

Bottle after removing the door from the canal leads to under the head and in there, head close the door on the bottle.

The heads of device equip collage system. With this system you can adjust the rate of cinching the door. (Magnetic head and Prof pylor head (Metal) are the Western Europe samples.)

If the door is not on the bottle's head, the head do not damage to the bottle's head.

The device is able to covering the bottles with different sizes and dimensions.

The set of part size of system well be made according to presented container and for each container is required one set of size part.

Control system:

The Machine is completely automatic and equips with automation of authentic brands.

Consumable accessories:

All electronics and pneumatics used on machine are from famous brands of Western Europe and East Asia.

This machine is produced in models Pkr41366-63, pkr81366-63.  

Consumable specifications:


Consumable power: 3-380v

The speed of machine: (Container per hour) 3000-6000

Container volme: (ml) 15cc-1500cc