The machine of labeling model:

Labeling of cans, glass, and plastic in various dimensions with labels of adhesive behind


It has a strong industrial chassis with epoxy color of steel coating 304

It has conveyor made of steel 304 with gearbox engine and inverter for adjusting of speed of conveyor around

Holder of roll label and roll opening

Distance of bottle size with inverter to adjusting the speed of the machine

Servomotor to separating the label from the roll

With detection sensor of bottle and label

With electrical panel made of steel 304 and automation

The system has been designed in such a way that all parts of the system are adjustable and regular in several directions.

Public specifications:

Labeling machine of adhesive behind in two models lp1/566 for round bottles and lp2/566 for flat and bilateral bottles   

Control system:

The Machine is equipped with servomotor and automation of censors from German brands.

Consumable accessories:

All electrical appliances and smart engines used on the machine are from famous brands of Western Europe and East Asia.

This machine is produced in two models lp1/666 and lp2/566.  

Consumable specifications:

Consumable power: 738~3

The speed of machine: (Container per hour): 3000-6000

Container volme: (ml) 15cc-4000cc