Date of establishment and operation of the company:

Experience of years of life reminds this point that if an artisan or a manufacturer even less experienced has entered in the direction of development and progress and following that removes the defects of its products, we can assure him. This also means that the manufacturer mentioned has a purpose and program and develops providence and planning and surely is following the satisfaction of its customers, undoubtedly the Padideh Part Company can be considered such as. A company that's better today than its yesterday, undoubtedly its tomorrow would be better than today.

Padideh Part Company was established in 19 in order to provide services to food packaging companies, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, sanitary.

According to the internal needs of the country and production companies, Padideh part policy was based on the production of packaging machines.

Considering the country's growing trend and industrializing the country and increase of demand for various types of packaging machine in order to answering  to the needs of different industries and updating technical knowledge proceeds to employment of experienced and experienced engineers and specialists. Use of technical knowledge and machinery and advanced equipment in production of   packing machine and utilization of specialist and interested forces in this company caused the promotion of quality of the products to the extent of international recognized standards and gaining consumer confidence and increase of demand. So, for answering to this requirement with attempt and planning of company's management, increased its production rate to 15 full lines per year.


Padideh Part Company as one of the largest manufacturers of packaging machines of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, sanitary and food products with continuity of quality management system based on ISO9001-200S standard in order to continuous improvement of processes and satisfaction of customers , announces its qualitative policy as follows: 

1- Promotion of quality of products in order to increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty level

2- Promotion of qualitative and quantitative of organizational abilities, human resources, technology and management

3- Development of scientific research R8D in order to quality promotion and reduction of finished products price

4- Public Participation of Personnel in order to increase of ownership organizational commitment 

5- Development and increase of the market share of domestic and foreign

Undoubted realization of these goals will not be expect by faith in the principle of honestly integration, observance of professional Features and commitment to observance of principle and management system requirements, and direction quality.

Mission and Vision


Supply of diverse products and with quality and after-sale service t based on modern technology and continuous innovation, customer satisfaction


In order to realization of high industrial goals of the country and non-dependence on foreign products and avoid the exit of the currency and also creation of occupation and promotion of qualitative industrial level in the field of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and sanitary products of Padideh Part Company was decided that relying on internal scientific ability to be proceeded packing machinery with competition qualitative capability with Similar foreign products.

This company with desirable providence seeks the improvement of products quality and achieving the goals of domestic production without any external affiliation. It is clear that this company in this direction needs collaboration and positive interaction with all manufacturing factories, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and sanitary